What NOT to Wear!

Armed and ready!

Ok I wish I could just call you all and tell you the story cause it is SO much fun! My friend Jennifer came over and did the ole what NOT to wear on my closet. I seriously tried on everything I own, even PJ pants! It was the best experience and I SOOO needed it to be done!

I can now absolutely relate to those people on the show. You are wearing something tragic but you go into the whole story about why it might maybe be ok. HAA_Larious and total human nature! If you don't have a Jennifer in your life, you must find one to do this for you! It's the best gift ever!

Yeah there are hangers everywhere! My task now is to get rid of the ones that are not wood.

I wish you could see this mega NO pile better...
It's something to be proud of but my arms are only so long.
The theme of the day was weird necklines, strange bulky clothes and BROWN, lots of brown. Apparently I have a problem with brown. I love it. I want to cover my house and myself in the color brown. I don't know. I have no reason for it... I just got in a brown rut. I think that I felt like it would hide the tum tum and not be as hard as black. Maybe? OK from this day forth no more brown. Seriously only on the bottom half. No brown, no flesh tones no red and slate-y blues on my upper half. As we saw over and over today they wash me out big time and I need to pop! Bring in the jewel tones!

Yeah the good pile!
Here's what we ended up with! I am so excited!

About mid way through when my clothes were getting totally ripped on I started jotting down what was coming out of my very own what not to wear guru's mouth. It's too funny! OMG that was so much fun!

I heard things like:

Is that Cliff's?
NOT even around the house!
Seriously is that Cliff's?
Umm No one should have to look at that!
You have a neutral sofa, you don't have to wear it too!
I think it looks like a curtain!

Ahhh good stuff! That was so great, thank you so much for taking your day off to make me over! I love you! Lacy