What's happening Wednesday!

This is me blogging right this very moment. Ah how the internet brings us together!

So it's Wednesday and I close 2 - 10. It's almost 2:30 and I've already had a full day...

*worked from home

*had the carpet steam cleaned (hmmm would I say carpet or carpets? technically it is wall to wall carpet so I am going to go with carpet, singular)

*worked on two paintings for our art wall that is yet to be created but one day soon! actually the hold up is only frames for a few photos and my lovely lovely are pieces from Carmen--- those babies take time and money... time to go and select the right frame and money to bring em home. One day soon... one day soon.

*talked to my Mema <3 aaaand now I am at work delighted that is the a perfect California day and I've got the door wide open!

How's that for a big ole blog post about nothing! LOL

Looking forward to:
not PMS ing

getting rid of this lingering cough from the sickness last week (I typed couch first, how funny would it be if we had to get rid of our couch every time we got sick!)!

Thursday night with my gf Tracy

iced green tea no sweetner from Starbucks in T minus 10 minutes

American Idol results show tonight!!!

What are you looking forward to?