What's Happening Wednesday!

Today is our 15th day in a row of yoga! Day 28 better watch out cause we are all over it.
I just got back from class and one of my fave students and hopefully one day friends said that she is loving reading my blog which totally made my day.
Thanks you adorable yoga girl you!

I've been using this time to do some serious taking care of me. Since I am already doing yoga everyday I figured why not, right! I went and got acupuncture and cupping done for the first time. The acupuncture was just like I thought it would be... a few needles here and there and 20 minutes of rest. Then they did the cupping on my back.

cupping (plural cuppings)

  1. (medicine) A therapeutic treatment in which heated glass cups were applied to the skin, to draw blood towards the surface and get rid of stagnation.

It was an entirely new sensation and felt like they were pulling the knotted and stiff muscles in a good way but it leaves you with all the blood to the surface...or as I like to call it giganta hickey back. I'd do it again. : )

It's been really hot the past few days here... like 100 degrees hot and let me remind you that we do not have central a/c.

Kallie picked the blueberries that were ready! There is something so tremendously rewarding about watching something grow that you cared so tenderly for. The blueberries, not Kallie but I did care tenderly for her too when she was a wee sprite of a human. ; )

Yesterday I walked into our bedroom and noticed a tiny foot behind the curtain...

I pulled it back to find the comfiest sleeper Hinge ever! I wish that I could sleep like that.

Or like this... although I don't think I'd be that comfy with my feet by my head.

This is the it's hot, I'm covered in fur if you didn't notice and I'm hot pose.

Lots of scooter riding lately! Saves on gas and makes me smile.
: )
This was one day after yoga.

aaaand my next lacylike project is giving this room a makeover for my friend Sanjuana. Umm can you say college room? She has $200 to give the room a lift and there is no central lighting in the space (you might be able to see the single bulb dangling from the window... her light source at the moment)! I have my work cut out for me! I am going to use all my best Mema decorating secrets to make this room over and still have enough $ left for a Starbucks to sit back and admire the space! I will post all the before and after picts when it's done. We are headed to Ikea tomorrow to do some shopping and the room will come together next week. : ) I am really excited.

Happy Hump Day!