What's in your book bag?

Or I guess I should say what's on your night stand? Who am I kidding, I haven't had a proper book bag in years. Admittedly I've never been an avid reader like my little sis or my mom but in the past 6 years or so I've started to get what all the fuss was about.

It all started with my friend Regina. I was in a particularly dark spot in the midst of transition with my life and career path and she recommended The Alchemist. Come to think of it Regina has recommended three books to me and all have changed me in profoundly beautiful ways. Thank you dear friend, you remain in a special place in my heart where the sun is always warm on your face!

I've been re reading (for about the 4th time each) Meditations from the Mat and Journey Into Power. Both for my work at the yoga studio and both so inspiring. Hey I just noticed that you can see the lining of my laptop bag in the background! Super cute, eh!

Book are one of those things that I love to buy and I've got my eye on a few to add to the pile of future reads. I don't get too carried away or I get overwhelmed and never read them but these are on the short list...

I've wanted this book since it came out and I know it will inspire me.
This one for inspiration too and because I so miss the magazine!
From ALL my question asking this book has been recommended several times as a must read.
And now this book as recommended on Jessica's blog. I think it would be a great read for my work here at the studio, Lacylike and for Clifftech!

A big little note on Clifftech!
This week we are celebrating our FIRST order! Eeeee it is so exciting to see the progress of this strap. From an idea in Cliff's mind to a real product to help to save lives and make the paramedics jobs easier... amazing! I am so very proud my partner is a patent pending inventor!

So that's the short list, inspiration and new information!

What are you reading?