Yeap I've OVER It.

I leave for RVA Craft Weekend tomorrow and I'm at work getting everything all set for me to be away. If I was at home I'd feel like I need to be at work but I am at work feeling like I need to be at home washing and packing and gathering supplies and wrapping love gifts for Leigh Ann and and and breathing is always good too. Oh and food should probably show up at some time in this day. Eating, yes must eat. Oh I need a personal assistant! Hmm yes, I am definitely getting one of those one day soon.

Wanted- Fabulous Assistant. Must give good back rubs, love doing and putting away laundry, like to clean windows and floors, pick up food, run around town, laugh often and think that I am the best thing ever. Any takers? LOL

All the chaos in my head is of course wrapped in a pretty little excitement T shirt that reads HOLY CUTE! I never thought I'd be so excited to go to Missouri, alone for that matter. Who does that? LOL

I'll be blogging all through my journey so stay tuned. Happy whatever day this is!