When the going gets rough


Ok so you can tell by looking at my face that I am totally exhausted. Well I can tell if you can't. When life gets icky and too busy and I have too many thoughts all jumbled in my brain I create to slow it all down!

I saw this scarf creation here and it got me thinking... I can probably make one of those for myself so I tried it and you can see the finished product there around my pretty little neck. This one is mini sized and I think that it definately needs to be twice as big and twice as long so that I can wrap it around 3 x instead of 2 and have more bulk but not too shabby for a first try! Maybe it would have been easier to just spend the 40 bucks and buy one but where's the creating fun in that! I have no idea how they make theirs but I made this one with old t shirts! Just snip, tear into strips, pull them to get the fabric to roll up a bit and then tie all the ends together. It was really easy and fun and that magic word, FREE! I made this one last night while we watched tv.

And since I was ripping up T shirts...

I took some of my fave old tee's that I really have no business wearing (they were in the NO pile after my what not to wear experience) and chopped them all up and made myself this cute little tote. I played with lots of different stitches and I am really happy with how it came out. I'm ready to grocery shop!

The Oscars are tonight! I LOVE the Oscars! Oh and Kayla... last night I could not sleep so I turned on the TV to find Grease 2! I couldn't even believe it. It's been a million years since I've seen it and it was so strange to watch it in HD. I am not really a fan of HD. I feel like it takes the magic out of movies. Anyway it was so great to see it again and I tried to hard to stay awake for the end... I fell asleep right about the part when Stephanie wins the talent show. Ooooh OH turn back, ooh oh turn back, the hands of time, please turn baaaaack!