Happy Winter!
We returned home to wintery weather... it is in the 40's today and my
toe-Zees have been cold all day!

This is my first time to sit down today... I've been going going going since 9 am hard at work at my NEW jobbey job which I will tell you all about later.

Soooo... nothing like a little time outta town to get you out of your normal routines, right! Well, I am back and blogging.

I have to say that I have the COOLEST family ever! We had the best time and as predicted Cliff absolutely loved my family and the experience. I am pretty proud of my fam. We know how to laugh and that is HUGE! I also found myself really thankful for Cliff over and over throughout the weekend. He puts me at ease just being near me. Life is good.

It took Ned several hours last night to forgive me for being gone. He'd run up to me like he was going to snuggle me and then he'd just look at me and MEEEEEOOOOWWWW and then run away. Man was I in trouble but I woke up this morning to a purring Ned at my head. Life has returned to normal. Tee hee.

Hope this finds you happy! Can you believe it is already Wednesday!?