Words we're learning, Things we're doing.

view of the pool and beach from our hotel (doesn't suck, right!)

Hawaii comes with a vocabulary all its own.

I've noticed everywhere that when someone is talking to you they say 'eh' or 'hey' at the end of the sentence. It's pretty fun and I am getting really good at it.
When Cody and his friends get off the phone they say 'deuce' meaning--- later, peace out, etc.
There is a freeway called the Like Like (pronounced Leak-ee Leak-ee) and I think it's my favorite. So Lacylike could be LacyLeakey! LOL I am so Hawaiian right now!
Of course Aloha is hello and goodbye and Mahalo means thank you.
A Haole (pronounced Howl-lee) is a white person and it doesn't seem to be a term of endearment.

Slippers = flip flops

Crusin is chillin/ hanging out

Grind is to eat a lot! Hawaiians can eat!

We rented a car and piled in all Cody's new buds and went to this AMAZING beach! Everything is so blue and beautiful. The surf here was hard core (shore break). We played in the waves and after a few good tumbles (sand in all the places for sure). The boys body surfed on a tray from their dining hall. It was pretty hilarious.

From Left to Right--Alessandro from Italy (very Italian and smooth), Danny from Florida (who never shuts up, it is so hilarious to hear him talk and the boys reaction to him), Evan from the Big Island (he's been teaching us all new vocab and customs), Angel from Spain (Cody's roommate and my favorite. He is funny, easy to talk to, polite... when all the boys were walking back to the car he hung back and walked with mom. It was so cute). and of course my little bro, Cody (I am thinking he will be getting a tan in a hurry)!

Our signature long arm of the day! Pretty, glistening beach girls!

Birds of Paradise outside Cody's dorm room window!

This is the main campus bldg downtown and where we bought Cody's books.

Our favorite dorm room addition. A local made rug woven with leaves from a tree! It was only 20 bucks and about a 5x7. It will work perfectly in the boys room! Mom and I are still trying to figure out a way to get one home.

Have a good day, hey!
xo from Hawaii!