Wouldn't it be cool if:

*I could make a living off of being me!? Like oh say on this blog for example! ; ) I can just see my fave brands blinking in the side bar and cheering me on as I sit down to write my 2 (0r 3) cents each day. Oh I just gave myself the chills! Weeeee that would be beyond cool. hmmm makes me think-- what brands!? I will have to set to list making (one of my fave things ever)!

*Rachel lived down the street and we could take adventures all the time! I am certain that we could get in all kinds of photo worthy trouble together! I M I S S Y O U!

*We owned a jet that could get us to Texas and back in no time at all. I would very much like to have lunch with Mema today.

*I could do a reality tv show. I know it's a little strange but I think I'd be really good on the right one... not sure what that is but maybe it will reveal itself.

Wouldn't it be cool if we could all make a list like this and it would most certainly come true!
I think yes.