Your scrapbooking questions answered.

So after this post there were a few questions that sparked inspiration for this post. : )

Tips for scrapbooking an entire year into one album:

1. Go in order by month-
I usually go in order by month but not necessarily by date within the month. It's almost a year later now so in my 2008 book I am putting the photos in how I remember it and how I feel it flows best. RULES ARE THERE ARE NO RULES! It's for you and your family so it can be whatever you want it to be!

2. Create Title pages-
for this book I am creating a title page for each month b/c for this year each passing month meant so much more change and it's a fun way to see the progression. In the past I've just kept it flowing from one event to the next and only noting the date on the journaling on the page.

3. Create for you!
I used to scrapbook for my family and not really for myself. I felt like I was leaving a legacy of our family photos and my words. Ummm- newsflash- that's a sweet sentiment (especially if you have children) but it's a lot of work to put them together so why not do it for you? I think it's super important to look for and execute on ways to be selfish in the good way in your life! What I do still love to do is write letters or notes to the people in the photos. And that leads us to #4

4. Write stuff aka Journal
There is no wrong way to journal. You can do it with your own handwriting (which is what I almost always do in my own books) or you can print things out and paste them into the book. Do what feels most comfortable for you but even if you hate your handwriting at least write in them a wee bit with your own hand b/c that's the stuff that makes it personal and that your kids, loved ones will want to see later.

Jamie has left a new comment on your post "Hello Friday!":

Oooh! I can't wait to see what you do with that office!
What are your tips for your 2008 book? I used to scrap everything too but have quit. (& actually haven't scrapped in awhile) But the boys love seeing their pictures and remembering what we did so I want to do something with all we did in '08. I've thought about a mini with 5x7's of all my favorite pics from the year. Then I thought about just ordering a photo book from Snapfish because I love those. Hmmmm...Sorry to get longwinded in your comments, lol.
I'm working and getting thru these to-do piles. Then I'm going up north to stay the nite with 2 of my besties. Girls nite! Should be lots of fun and laughter! =)
Have a great weekend!!!

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Hi Lacy! I can't wait to see your finished project with the empty space. You must take lots of pictures and post them for us to see.

Will you do me a big favor? Will you take a picture of a page or two of a finished "traditional" scrapbook page and send it to me? I am about to start my Europe one from a few years ago and am looking for inspiration or jumping off point.

Sadly...still at work, but loving the grey, rainy, and COLD weather DFW is currently having. Snuggle weather....