You've Got Questions

I've got answers!

I thought I'd do a little Monday posting answering some of the questions I receive as a result of being a blogger.

1. The artist of the work hanging in the yoga studio is local artist Carol Wilson. If you see anything you like let me know and I will email you the pricing for it. If you would like to speak to the artist directly you can contact her via email at (tell her I sent you). All proceeds go directly to the artist, we are not collecting a fee (which I think is very cool).

2. Do I like to blog... really? DUH! I love it! It's a place to be heard in the world. I can be silly or serious, I can plaster the page with my wish lists and dreams or senseless rants and to do lists. What could be better?

3. Am I doing a 365 of self portraits this year like I did last year? Nope. I loved the experience last year and it was well timed with all the change in my life. I still have my camera with me almost everyday and everywhere I go and I still take lots of pictures I just don't make myself take a photo if I don't feel like it, you know.

4. What happens to Lacylike now that you work at Soula Power Yoga? Lacylike still is happily alive and well but she is growing more organically now. I still take orders and make books I just limit them to what is realistic for my schedule. Most of my customers are repeats and referrals so they are happy to be patient. I feel like they are little art books full of my love and after you've received one you'll agree! I am still planning and dreaming for Lacylike almost everyday. I am working on a line of T's with a dear friend and some footwear that Kayla and I started dreaming up years ago. It is actually really exciting to see what Lacylike will evolve into.

5. How do I feel about having kids now after the whole procreation postings? LOL I get this one a lot. First I will refer you back to #2... it's great to have a place in the world to get all those questions out. Those postings generated such a support network and open, honest communication with good friends and I am so very thankful. So kids... do I want them? Yeap I do. Will we have them, yeap we will. When? I donno. Sooner than later. Definitely not this year. There is no way in the fiery furnaces of hades that I'd introduce a kiddo into my hectic schedule at this moment.

That sums it all up for today. If you have any burning quesitons feel free to send me a little email love note.

Happy Monday!