2014 ::: The Year of Ease


Some years I labor over my word creating lists, opening dictionaries and the thesaurus trying to find the exact right one but this year my word came effortlessly. It was a feeling that lead to a conversation (that lead to a series of conversations) with my sister where 'ease' first peeked it's head around the corner and gave me a wink. I liked what I felt looking back at that word. I liked it A LOT. In October I found a sweet little jar and wrote 'think ease' on the front sort of as a trial run. Each day I would gaze at it as I brushed my teeth having a conversation with Ease in my mind. Will you be my word? Do we need each other next year? And the answer was always a soft 'Yes, of course, I'm here for you Lacy. Let's go explore 2014 together.'

So here we are. It's the first day of 2014 and ease is right here by my side. Literally. I cleared the chalk board, gave it a good scrubbing and it now reads Allow Ease 2014. I don't have a lot of fancy plans, just the intention to take the road where I see Ease leading the way.

This word and this year feel markedly different then the years with words that have come before. I find myself in a really peaceful place this morning sitting in a willingness to be present and see what comes up.

Do you choose a word each year? What word is your 2014 travel buddy? With love + effortless ease, Lacy

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The Root :: I first started choosing a word because of Ali.  I have so much gratitude and love for this practice. It’s been a profound part of my life since 2008.

Here's a look at my past words :: 2008 : 2009 : 2010 : 2011 : 2012 : 2013

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What's Ahead :: Detox eCourses



I am SO excited to bring you a brand new eCourse combining some of my favorite foods on the planet! Greens changed me forever (and helped me lose nearly 50 lbs)! Green JUICE leaves me singing + dancing through the house. And green smoothies... well I'd like to kiss whoever first blended greens with frozen fruit right on the mouth!

2014 Juice,Smoothie + Whole Foods Detox Dates:

  • January 20 - 24
  • March 10 - 14
  • May 5 - 9
Registration for Jan is OPEN!

Register here. Read more about Juice, Blend, Repeat here.


You know it, you love it! I'm so proud of this detox! Hundreds of you have kicked sugar to the curb + loved the results! Cravings obliterated, unwanted pounds gone, more confidence, better sleep, more patience with co-workers, kids and partners... I could go on and on. This one is a game changer!

2014 Sugar Detox Dates:

  • February 1 - 10
  • April 1 - 10
  • June 1 - 10
Registration for Feb is OPEN!

Register here. Read more about Sweet Surrender here.


Probably the easiest of the three courses, this is a 5 day Whole Foods Feast! Go fully vegan for a week or try one meatless meal per day. It's all up to you! The pledge is intentionally sweet + simple. Veg Pledge is focused on what I know to be true... eating more fruits + veggies will change your body and your life for the better!

2014 Veg Pledge Dates:

  • February 24 - 28
  • March 24 - 28
  • May 19 - 23
Registration for Feb is OPEN!

Register here. Read more about Veg Pledge here.