Fulfill: Getaway, Grow

My word this year is Fulfill and this last week did just that! I just returned from the most amazing week. It was transformation and love in it's purest form. We came together strangers and left friends who will forever celebrate each others light and beauty. It seems only fitting to share it with you on Valentine's Day! It was a week of pure love! The only other time I felt this loved and supported was when I had surgery on my trachea in 2008 (yay yay yay It's almost been two years of amazing breathing! woop woo!)

It took a major leap of faith to take this trip but I KNEW that I had to do it and struggled well to make the decision to go! Financially speaking it was the complete wrong decision but I listened to my heart and soul and went! I feel so grateful that I have a love who encourages me completely and sees the importance in my taking time for me. Thank you, Cliff! And the moral of the story here is FOLLOW YOUR HEART at all cost! It's the best decision. PERIOD. It will change you for the better. I am certainly changed in the most beautiful ways!

The setting:

can be likened to the garden of Eden. Seriously beautiful and serene. 28 acres on the Pacific coast line and the home of the Esalen Indians. It's sacred land and you can feel it. The garden accounts for 30-40% (I forget the exact number) of the food that is served. I didn't fully realize how tranquil it was until we left and hit traffic and stressed out people honking.
Monarch butterflies were all over. Esalen is one of the stops on their way to Mexico. I can't blame them, it would be one of my stops too.

Each night we'd go down to the baths (natural hot springs carbon dating 6,000 years back) to soak, talk and look at the night sky. Isn't it beautiful cut into the cliff that way! They are clothing optional which translates to naked and after we all got over that the first day it seemed really fitting. We were bearing our souls to one another and sitting naked together was safe and natural.

Three water bodies collide here and head to the ocean. Each day we'd walk over a foot bridge over the rushing water. I am missing the sounds of that place already.

The lawn mower!
There are two goats that we'd see tied up in different spots to munch. Seriously so cool!

The California Condor

I have no idea what this plant is but it looks like something out of Dr. Seuss and I love it.

The Garden

My favorite tree.

The schedule:

Each day it was meditation at 7:30. Chanting with Girish and then vipassana meditation (the kind you think of when you think meditation, comfy seated position, eyes closed, quiet) lead by Rolf. Then breakfast and back for yoga at 9:30. Then lunch and a break and back for yoga at 2:45. Then dinner and back for the evening session at 8 pm (Rolf speaking or Girish playing or both).

Girish is the real deal!
He's passionate about his music and has THE BEST sense of humor to boot. Yeap, I'm a fan!

Rolf is my all time favorite yoga teacher. He smiles from deep in his soul and just looking at him you can tell he is living his bliss. He inspires me tremendously by just being himself. I hope that people can say that about me.

The people:

There are a rare few occasions in life when you meet people and it's completely pure. It was such an honest space where we dropped all our barriers and just were ourselves and that was embraced with total love, zero judgment and beautiful recognition of each others gifts. It was all so effortless, so lovely.

The asana:

Twice a day we practiced yoga together. Sweaty, challenging, relax and prepare to flow! We practiced alignment, faith and flow and became total in each moment, each movement, each pose.

Here's to a week of no make up, frizzy bun hair and feeling beautiful, feeling loved and emerging bright, shiny, happy!


p.s. Happy Valentine's Day! May you feel loved completely today and tomorrow and the next day!