Fulfill: Projects

Part of my word this year is completing little projects around the house that I've had on my to do list for far too long!

I am slowly (re)decorating the living/dining room. Changing the accessories is always an easy and inexpensive way to start. It's out with the red and in with the blue! One day soon the living room will be teal, yellow and orange.

When spray painting it's a good idea to ruff up the surface with a little sandpaper to help the paint stick. You'll end up having to do way less coats.

This is after the first coat! I was already so happy with it! I really believe that you should decorate with things that make you happy. For so long I wanted to be sophisticated (whatever that means) in my decorating style and it just didn't feel lacylike. Color is so powerful and changing this vase from red to blue all of the sudden makes me feel so much better about our living room.

Two easy changes... new vase color and getting rid of a burgundy chenille throw (you can see it on the back of the chair in the before photo) that was making me crazy and I am happy as a June bug (I am assuming June bugs are happy til they get stuck to the screen door and well, you know)!

Give yourself permission to change or get rid of one thing that is making you crazy in your home!

Do it today!

Note to self... next time wear shoes.

I'd love to hear about what you decide to change or get rid of and how it changes you!

As Oprah says, may your home rise up to meet you!