Happy NEW YEAR! I'm a sucker for beginnings, the newness, the fresh start the ease and excitement of it all. How are you feeling about 2013? What do you want to get out of this year? What do you need more of in your life? Or less of? What would it feel like to live in harmony with food?

2012 was book-ended with trips to Hawaii. That place is a little bit of magic for me. It's one of the few places that turns me into an early riser. Morning beach walks and giant local avocados are soul food. I feel the most myself near the ocean barefoot with wild free flowing curls and a makeup free face. While I was there I started thinking about what I wanted for 2013 and what my word would be for the year. Each year I choose a word as my little touchstone to return home to. My word becomes the Rocky theme song playing in the background.

2012 was the year of nourish. 2013 will be the year of genuine.

gen·u·ine as in genuine leather. That smell, that feel. We're talking good old-fashioned, 100% grade A, REAL.DEAL. Honestly felt love. Vibrance, vitality, vigor, shine, glow. Like ice cold beer on a hot day and the way it feels when your love smiles at you across the room. It's the way a child giggles. Sincerity, full out. Genuine as in full fat, full taste, full satisfaction in all it's glory. This will NOT be a year for reduced fat, fat-free or partially hydrogenated anything. This is 2013, the year of genuine. Like Paul Newman. Tried and true. Steadfast. They don't make em like they used to. No pretense, no bullshit, no wasting time. This year is about showing up and being present enough to enjoy the ride. It's about moments, big smiles and big orgasms. The ones in the bedroom and the ones in life. Genuine food, genuine juice not GMO, not from concentrate. It's whole health. Total wellness. Breathing freely. Living joyously.

And at the end of the day genuine is inward. Subtle. Honest. Peaceful. It's triumphant without making a huge scene. Personal. Deep. It's true and for the next year it's my dear friend.

So how about you? Do you choose a word each year? I'd love to hear what you've chosen and what it means to you.




I will be rooting for you this year as we venture together into all that 2013 holds.

With so much genuine love, Lacy


The root: I first started choosing a word because of Ali.  I have so much gratitude and love for this practice. It's been a profound part of my life since 2008.