My word this year has been Nourish. When I look back on that blog post I can't help but smile at how the year has unfolded. My intentions manifested perfectly even though they were often not as I envisioned. I've learned about essence in huge ways. I've seen how the universe gives you signs in little whispers and big punches in the face. This year has been one of the most transformational in my adult life. Shit happened then shift happened. I made authenticity my middle name (figuratively, of course). I have loved this year and this word. I did eat more life giving foods, drink more green juice and listen to my body. I started eating vegan most of the time. Cliff joined me and it changed his life. His cholesterol and blood pressure normalized. He completely blew me out of the water when he gave up caffeine. We grew closer and we swear our teeth got whiter. Weird but true. We can't seem to wipe the stupid grin off our faces most of the time. We showed up for each other sometimes by giving space and sometimes by never letting go.

I dabbled. I puttered. I explored. I lost pounds and gained clarity. I grew. I surrounded myself with people who inspire me. I felt deeply loved especially by my family and dear friends in Boston and San Jose. I nourished clients and many became close friends. Health coaching continues to bring me profound joy. I know my purpose. I feel deep peace in that.

We didn't move to San Diego but I did get to live by the sea for 2.5 months at the beginning of this year on a soul journey.  It was the definition of nourishment. At 33 I found myself, I finally embraced my body and peace rushed into my life.

I stopped doing a lot of things that made me feel crummy. I de-friended. I deleted my contacts by accident or was it? I stopped participating in one-sided relationships. I  started more things that make me feel amazing. I slept when I felt like it. I ate lunch at breakfast time. I oiled my body more (coconut in summer, almond or sesame in winter). I drank more water and swam all through the summer. I taught myself breast stroke via you tube. No kidding. I rode my scooter. Rode my bike. Drank amazing red wine. Drank mediocre red wine. I felt brave. I trusted. I turned down the noise so I could hear my intuition. And it's wise.

We moved to Texas. Downsized. Had a huge garage sale. Kept things that truly make us happy. Started using fine china everyday. Simplicity became a guiding practice. I learned to love cooking. Spices became exciting. I didn't jog enough times to count but I did walk and lunge and do at least 5 push ups per day and that feels perfect. I meditated a lot, wrote a lot and spent most of my time barefoot.

I didn't go on Ellen to talk about Campaign for Confidence but I did continue to work on my love project through a new tumblr page and facebook page. I gave up on deadlines and must do's and allowed myself to follow my passion. I realized time and again that nothing is created in overwhelm. I spent entire days reading or watching movies. Somedays I spent all day outside, some days I never went out.

I saw Oprah with my Aunt Mary. Sublime. I saw my little brother graduate with my entire family. I will remember his face and joy walking that stage for a long time to come. I saw Magic Mike with my mom. We agree Matthew McConaughey killed it.

Cliff found a job he loves. Started writing a book. We planted a garden. We visited Mendocino and our hearts swelled. I can still feel that trip in my entire being. It was that good. We collected sea glass. We drove from California to Texas in a moving truck with our two cats. Watched the sunset together at the Grand Canyon. Phenomenal. We said goodbye to Cliff's dad. We nursed the Hinge and held her speaking whispers of gratitude and love as she took her last breath. We mourned and cried. We said hello to our sweet niece Chloe. We celebrated.

2012 nourished me.

I nourished my spirit this year and all is well.

As I move into 2013 I still have no idea what my word will be but I know what I want to create and it will find me in perfect timing as it always does. What about you? Are you choosing a word of the year?