One of the coolest

things about life is that we each get to choose how we live ours.

It's one life to a person (as far as I know). You decide if your life will have rules, how you will define success and what drives you. Now of course you might have to negotiate the 'usuals'... like how to earn money so that you can participate in polite society by doing things like owning a house, raising a family, etc... but even then you get to choose what you do to earn money, if you want to own a house, have a family, etc. You get to craft every nook and cranny of your world and that's the coolest.

What I know for sure is at the end of my life I won't say I wish I would have worked harder at earning money. For me life is about moments, relationships and how we change each other along the way. It's about happiness. Happiness won't pay the bills you say? I beg to differ. I'm out to prove otherwise so I'm off to increase my happiness and the happiness of those around me and in doing so I betcha somehow the bills get paid.

In my year of Fulfill I am off to Fulfill again. I am headed to Virginia to spend time with my dear friend Bart because my gut told me too and the universe conspired to get me there. I said it out loud and things fell into place. Someone dear gave me her airline miles so that I could go without my ever knowing they existed or considering asking for help.

And one more thing********Just as I finished typing this Bart called and offered me an opportunity to teach a private yoga/ massage session while I am there for a burn victim that he met a while back. What's so crazy, cool, amazing is that I'm more excited about offering healing and helping this man than the money but I will get paid which is precisely what I was just talking about! HELLO UNIVERSE, YOU'RE AWESOME!************

I'll talk to you guys in Virginia, I'm leaving on a jet plane to see these beauties!

Much love in the year of Fulfill and increasing happiness!