Recents and word of the year!

As the days pass by I am more and more excited for 2010 and all the possibility that it holds. I am still working on formulating a new word of the year...hey maybe possibility! For the past few nights, each night when we lay down for bed my mind starts racing on what my word should be and I call out options in the dark to see if anything sounds and feels right. Cliff has already selected his. I'll wait to reveal ours together. : )

2008's word was perfect in every way and 2009's word might as well have been survive or something like it b/c fleruish didn't happen. Perhaps in some small ways it did and of course I could romanticize it up to make it seem like fleurish worked but it just didn't soothe as a year long mantra in my mind. So here I am again grappling with what my word of the year will be. I can't wait to hear what Kayla's word will be.

Did you pick words last year? Did they suit? Will you pick again?

These are from a recent getaway to San Luis Obispo, Morrow Bay and Avila Beach, California.

more picts here.
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