Status Update

din din

Oscars are on. Wine is poured. Completely satisfyingly simple dinner in the belly. Steamed broccoli. Noodles, spinach and basil from the garden, roasted garlic and olive oil with red pepper. Delish! Ned is purring, kneading the blanket on my lap and these moments are already my favorite of the week. As winners give their acceptance speeches we say what ours would be... Cliff says he'd say " lace, you're my inspiration to be a better person, the center of my Universe" and I say that I'd say "Thank you to my love, the warehouse where all good things are stored!"

I'm nearing my next food experiment... going RAW for the month of March! Feels scary, exciting and really, really BIG! My Aunt Mary has lead the charge on this experiment. I'm feeling super appreciative that my family is not only down for my crazy granola lifestyle but they often jump on board or in this case take the lead!

The year of *Genuine* is coming along with heart swelling results. I'm so aware of special moments when they're happening and on more than once occasion I've found myself saying "I am so glad I ordered this up from the universe."

Our green house is showing off and we applaud for it on the regular.

Went to Trader Joe's today in Houston and it's in an old movie theater. Completely awesome with re-done movie posters like Pulpy Fiction, Joe's (instead of Jaws) and The Cod Father. Well done, Trader Joe's! Well done!

Learning cupping this week and I could not be more excited. It's a treatment that has given me and continues to provide huge results. Good, good, so good!

Happy Sunday. May this week be full of moments that you ordered up from the universe!

Big love, Lacy