Cleanse Prep

Happy Monday!

Welcome to cleanse prep week! 

Here's the schedule for the week ahead:
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers! 

Thank you so much to all of you who have already decided to join the 3- day cleanse that begins this Friday!  If you have not yet heard about the cleanse or you are on the fence there's still plenty of time before Friday to procrastinate a little, commit to join and plan.   I'm loving hearing the stories about how you are attracting juicers to you!

In preparation for Friday, the first day of the 3-day cleanse take some time today to take stock on where you're at right now in your life and your relationship with food.  You are the expert on you and there's some very valuable info tucked away in there.   

Have you cleansed before?  How was that experience for you? How do you usually sabotage yourself and what can you do this time to ensure that doesn't happen?  When have you felt the most successful with food in your life?  Consider starting a food journal today to bring awareness to what kinds of foods you are eating, how big your portions are and when you are eating (are you hungry, bored, tired, happy, sad etc).

There are several things to do more of this week and several things to reduce or even eliminate in preparation. 

Do more:
-Drink more water!  Perhaps the easiest of all. 
-Sweat to eliminate toxins (light to moderate exercise).
-Eat fruits and veggies especially dark leafy greens and root veggies.
-Cook at home and prepare simple meals.  Home cooking is the easiest way to control the ingredients that go into your meal.  Baked root vegetables with spices or steamed greens with salt + pepper are an excellent choice for this week. 

Do less:
-Sugar!  The idea of binge then cleanse is not what we are going for here.  Resist the urge to eat a "Last Supper" feast before Friday.  You already know what those foods taste like.  You have eaten them hundreds of times.  Any beautifully dressed up slice of sugar is only going to make the withdraw experience more extreme come the first day of the cleanse. 

-Alcohol.  Umm it's a sugar too.  I know, that part always kills me too.

-Chocolate.  Did I just lose a few of you?  It's just 3 days.  It will be there when you're ready to come back to it (IF you still want to, you might just surprise yourself). 

-Dairy.  If you're used to eating lots of cheese, drinking a glass of milk a day etc now is the time to start tapering off and even eliminating before Friday.  Consider subbing in Almond, Rice or Oat Milk.

-Refined, processed anything.  Especially refined white flours.  Consider subbing in healthier organic versions of what you usually eat.  For example organic corn chips (I like the blue ones) can be subbed for potato chips.  Or go with baked sweet potato fries instead of fried french fries.

-Red Meat.

-Caffeine.  This is a big one.  The first time my husband and I ever cleansed he spent most of the first day curled up in a ball on the bed with a pounding head from severe caffeine withdrawals.  He's a daily morning coffee drinker... 1 - 3 cups and it hit him like a ton of bricks!  Consider switching out this week to green tea.  Depending on how much caffeine you drink either in the form of sodas or coffee taper yourself off in a way that works for your body.  Write down how much you drink a day and develop your 4 day reduce and eliminate plan... today 1 less cup, tomorrow 1/2 the amount you'd usually drink and introduce black or green tea... etc.  If you're a soda drinker consider trying sparkling water + fruit.

All the Do More + Do Less prep steps will make the cleanse much easier for your mind, body and spirit come Friday! 

You're welcome to post up any questions here or on the FB page. 

Wahoo Cleanse Week!