Cleanse warriors!


Hello Cleansing Friends!

 I'm about to make lunch... cabbage/orange/cucumber/kale/cilantro/ginger.

Are you feeling squeaky? What juice has been your favorite so far? Stick with it, you're doing great!

Thank you for sending your notes of how you're doing!  It's so exciting to see how far this cleanse has reached and how many of us are juicing together today!  I feel your energy and enthusiasm and it's awesome!

Here are the most popular questions of the day so far:

Q: I'm not going to start the cleanse until tomorrow, can I still join the Free Support Call tonight? A: Yes, all cleansers are welcome to join the call.  As long as you're starting the cleanse today or tomorrow you're welcome to join.  Same goes for tomorrow.  If you're starting your cleanse on Sunday you're welcome to join the Saturday call.

Q: Some really personal stuff is coming up for me already, how can I speak with you 1:1? A: This is my very favorite part! Working with you where you are and moving through food & life changes together can be so powerful.  If you're wanting extra support via 1:1 coaching call with me you can schedule your call(s) here.  You're welcome to schedule a time to meet outside of this these particular three days as well!  My intention in putting the cleanse online is so that you can do the juice cleanse when the time is right for you.

Q: I haven't eliminated yet today, should I be worried? A: Nope, not at all.  It may take your body a bit to adjust to your cleanse.  It's really common to experience some constipation right out of the gate.  Continue your cleanse plan and drinking water, your body will normalize soon.  You can also add some light stomach massage starting from the right side of your body working left, massage from below the rib cage down.

Talk to you tonight at 6 PST. Lacy