Juice Cleanse Q + A // Tips for Success

It's Thursday!

The cleanse begins tomorrow!  Are you shopping today!?  You still have time to join us if you've been on the fence about it.  At the bottom of this post you'll find links back to all the prep posts. 



Q: I've never used a juicer before is there anything special I need to know?
A: Juicers are pretty easy to use.  First thing is you want to turn it on before you put produce down the shoot.  Make sure your produce will fit in the shoot, I typically cut apples in half or thirds. I also usually juice the leafy greens first and then add in squeakier things to clear the blade.  For eg. juice a little kale and then a piece of celery, etc.

You will want to clean your juicer right after using it.  Trust me it's so much easier to rinse it right away then to scrub dried veggie pulp away after a little time.  If you don't have a compost and you will be throwing the pulp away I suggest you put it in plastic bag or directly into your outside bin.  All that alive food will deteriorate and smell quickly!

Q: Any chance you'll be online for live chat?
A: Actually, YES! I love the idea of the community juicing together.  So that we can connect, I'm going to be offering 1 FREE support phone call per day for all people participating in the juice cleanse via online conference call!  We'll discuss what you're feeling, how it's been going, I'll give suggestions if you're hitting the wall or need a little boost!  If you'd like to join the call go to my site and either sign up for the newsletter or send me a message so I can email you the call in number!  I've varied the call times in hopes to accommodate all time zones.

Times for the call will be: 
Friday: 6 PST
Saturday: 12 NOON PST
Sunday: 3 PST

Q: What if I NEED to chew? Feel weak or like I need to eat food?
A: Your body needs fat and veggie juice is low in fat so you may find that you need a little support during the 3 days. Hemp*, pumpkin or sunflower seeds are super helpful if you need a little sustenance while on your cleanse.  Little handful goes a long way.  You may find that for the first time you're eating one seed at a time and savoring the crunch, the taste, the experience! Also 1/2 an avocado can do wonders for your spirit and supporting your body.
*Make sure the hemp seeds are ground or they'll just pass on through.

Having seeds or a little avo doesn't mean you cheated or broke the cleanse.  You could even put some of the hemp seeds into your juice if you need the mental assurance of still drinking. :)

Q: Peel or no peel on citrus?
A: For lemon you can leave it on.  If I'm juicing 1/2 a lemon I'll often leave it on.  If juicing a whole lemon I tend to peel it and leave the pith (white part) on and discard the peel.  Always peel oranges and grapefruits.

Q: A pint feels like a lot of juice.  Is it too much?
A: You've heard the saying One man's medicine is another man's poison.  It's true for juicing too.  For the sake of the cleanse I drink a pint and that works really beautifully for my body.  You may choose to use 12 ounces.  Experiment and see what feels best in your body.



1. Pre-Make your first few juices for day 1.

2. Consider pre-making your morning tonics the night before or make enough for all three days tonight.  The lemon/ginger/cayenne stay really fresh in the fridge.

3. Consider removing temptations from your kitchen or section off an area of the fridge and counter just for your cleanse foods!

4. Practice self care rituals while on the cleanse:
-positive self talk: My body is completely healthy. I accept myself.
-body brushing or oiling the body
-light walks and stretching
-reading, journaling, doodling

5. Know that you can and you will show up for yourself each and everyday.  You'll make your juices and delight in taking time for your body, mind and spirit to cleanse.

***A note of disclaimer:  All cleanse information and advice is meant for educational purposes only.  Cleanse posts are not intended as a substitute for medical advice.  Juice cleansing may not be appropriate for everyone.  If you are currently under a doctors care, have a serious illness are pregnant or nursing it is not advisable to participate in a juice cleanse.  If you take vitamins or medications maintain your normal regime while cleansing.***

You're welcome to submit questions in the comments, here or on the FB page.

Happy Shopping and preparing for day 1 tomorrow morning!
To your health!

3-day Juice Cleanse begins Friday!
Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps
Tuesday:  Support Set Up
Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule
Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success
Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers!