The end is the beginning!


Welcome to day 3 of your juice cleanse! Happy Juice Sunday!

CONGRATULATIONS you've done it!  You're just a few juices away from completing the cleanse!  As your cleanse draws to a close take a moment to reflect on what you've learned about yourself and what you'd like to take with you from this cleanse.

Here are 10 questions for you to consider and reflect on or journal about:

1.  How often do you think about food and/ or eat out of boredom?

2.  How did your opinion of how much food you need change during the cleanse?  Acknowledge how far you've come in a short period of time!

3.  How are you listening to your body wisdom differently now?

4.  What body sensations and emotions came up for you during the cleanse?  How did you take care of yourself?

5.  What self-care rituals did you practice on the cleanse that you'd like to implement into your day-to-day life?

6.  How important was the prep process for you leading up to the cleanse?  How can you prep more to support yourself in your day-to-day life?

7.  What have you learned about nourishment?

8.  In 3 days you've consumed only fruits, veggies and perhaps some seeds!  How will you bring in more fruits and veggies into your life post cleanse?

9.  How are you feeling? What is your energy level like today?  How is your mental clarity?  Your dreams?

10.  What are some of the most important lessons of the cleanse for you?

As you move from juice back to food I suggest that you keep your morning tonic and green juice in place, eat solid foods for lunch and juice for dinner or have a light dinner of soup or a small serving of cooked veggies.  Stick to salads, stir fry, baked or steamed veggies and maybe add in a grain like quinoa or brown rice if you're feeling up to it.  Try not to go directly back into meat/ dairy/ sugar/ and processed foods on day 1 post cleanse.

It has been so wonderful to share this cleanse with you!  I hope that today you feel vibrant, healthy and happy mind, body and spirit!  If you'd like to explore your healthy life further I'd love to work with you through health coaching. You can visit my site or contact me for more info.

To the power of juice, to the power of beautiful you! Lacy

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