The best thing about juice!


Welcome to your 2nd cleanse day!

Depending on where you live you're half way or over half way there!  I am so impressed by how many of you are turning on juicers for the very first time to join the cleanse!  I am sending each of you love as you juice today!

I first started juicing after seeing the trailer to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead!  Just. The. Trailer!  It was almost three months of daily juicing before I actually saw the film and of course I LOVED it.  If you're in need of a little inspiration today I suggest you watch it!  You can stream it on Netflix.

In yesterdays support call we talked about how satisfying green juice is and how the need to overeat processed foods/ sugar filled foods starts to diminish as you take in more nutrient rich foods.  That has to be my very favorite thing about juicing.  My cravings have all but disappeared, I feel much less need to eat for eating sake and my taste buds are now happy eating real foods.  Things that used to taste amazing to me (like Pillsbury Orange Danish & Cinnamon Rolls) now taste terrible.  As a girl who could sit down and eat a whole roll of those puffy, flaky, sugary delights that's quite the accomplishment.

For the better part of 25+ years I didn't realize that your stomach is not supposed to hurt after eating a meal.  I thought that was digestion.  I just didn't know that there was another way.  In my journey to health juicing has been a profound addition to my life.

If you've not started your cleanse yet and are ready to there's still plenty of time.  Part of my intention in putting it up online is so that you can access the information anytime and cleanse when it feels right for you.

Sending my love and support as sip on your juice! Lacy

please RSVP here for tomorrow's call. Three 1:1 support spots are open for tomorrow.  Is one of them yours?

3-day Juice Cleanse! Monday:  Do More + Do Less Prep Steps Tuesday:  Support Set Up Wednesday: Shopping List + Recipes + Cleanse Schedule Thursday:  Q + A // Tips for Success Friday:  Ladies + Gentlemen, You May Start Your Juicers! More Q + A and 1:1 Support