RV hunt is on

We've made a huge decision. We're selling nearly everything we own + buying an RV. Seriously. We are going to live in it and travel the USA (and maybe parts of Canada and we really want to go to Alaska too). And of course Ned is coming! It's already a WILD ride. I move from moments of pure elation, heart thumping in my chest, feeling a rush of adrenaline and saying to Cliff, "I'm so excited about our life." And the next moment I am standing in a room in our home looking around unable to move. Where do we begin? How do we start to sell nearly everything we own? How many "keep" bins can I justify? Do I really need to keep the Christmas box? Does any of it matter? Do we need two plates or four in the RV? Or wait, maybe more? How many shoes can I justify taking? There are soooo many questions!

It's been years of striving to buy a bigger, flatter TV and then another. When we lived in San Jose we literally had a TV in all the major rooms. I'm not proud of that, it felt over-the-top even then but we did it because that's what new home owners do (or so we thought). This relationship we have to stuff is mind blowing. We have more stuff then would could ever need and that's just in the closets. S-t-u-f-f. I feel like a stuff expert right about now.

We are knee deep into the clean out phase. We've taken inventory of our major belongings and I'm posting on CraigsList almost daily. We are meeting the coolest people along the way via CraigsList. I always have the best luck posting there. I CAN'T WAIT to see who we will meet on the road. I learn over and over that life is all about connections, sharing our stories, how we got here, what we are learning along the way and I am just so excited to collect experiences as we meet new friends and fall in love with our beautiful country.

We're calling it the Kale On Wheels Tour and I know it's going to be EPIC! I'm so excited to share the journey with you as we leap into the unknown, trust our intuition + desire to simplify.

Some of the things we know for sure: - There are way more questions than answers at this point (LOTS more) but we feel like we are headed in the right direction. Lots of little Universal winks + nods whooshing by as we give away + sell things. - Our lease is up on our rental house end of June. - We are going to buy a fixer upper RV and renovate it hopefully in time for the end of the lease. - If the end of June timeline is a total bust we will move in with my mom. We live less than a mile from each other so if we go that route it will be a really easy transition and goodness knows we will have MUCH LESS to move. - We are looking for a diesel RV. We are going to convert it to run on veggie oil + make the whole thing as green as possible with LED lights, composting toilet + solar panels. The Kale On Wheels Tour will settle for nothing less than an environmentally friendly coach (that's what they call Rv's. We are learning all kinds of new words)! - Some days I feel like a kid on Christmas eve... way too excited to sleep. Way too many thoughts in my head. And other days I am so overwhelmed by it all I can't see straight. It's a lot. - We are going to have probably the biggest garage sale of our lives near the end of May. It should be hilarious. We are literally going to carry furniture out from where it lives in our house into the yard. The garage is STUFFED and the piles are growing every couple of days. - We will work from the road. Some Q's still rolling around there too but we know there will be working and it will be from the RV. I'm crazy grateful for the internet.

Onward! Lacy