On Transistion. RV Update.

canopy open

The guy who changed out the walls and put in the ceiling got the canopy open and it's awesome! He took photos as he was working so I could add them to my blog post. Love that!

Transition is weird and stressful even when it's good. This RV renovation project is testing me in what feels like every way possible. There's still so much to pack up in our house even after the mega garage sale. We've decided that living in this RV will be a lot like living in a hotel. I'm t-r-y-i-n-g to widdle it down to having just over our day-to-day needs! That said, we are still convinced that we need 8 pots and pans for our 2 burner stove. LOL. These are the topics of conversation at our house right now.

We're still optimistic that we will be able to get all the renovations completed in time to move in at the end of June, 13 days (counting today, because every day counts) from now.

Cliff and I have gone back to meditating together before bed to help soothe the abundance of energy that has set up camp in both our bodies. You know that night before a test feeling? We're having that every night. The extra mediation is kind of helping. I mean, it's helping but it's not making everything all butterflies and rainbows, you know. We're in it. Just really in it and at the end of the day we keep telling each other that it's all going to be great and not to take everything so seriously.

I've started saying affirmations again with increasing regularity to drown out the nay-say-er that lives in my head. It's like I've gone back to when I first learned about the power of positive thinking. The channel in my mind is on all affirmations, all the time. I'm keeping it tuned to that station to drown out that shadow self telling me I'm a complete and total fool for thinking we could pull this off in this amount of time, with our budget, both working full time, etc etc etc.

On repeat in my head lately:

I focus on what I want and draw it to me. My dreams come true. I picture abundance for myself and others. Everything I do brings me aliveness + growth. My energy is focused + directed toward my goals. I always choose the path of most light. I congratulate myself often. I forgive myself, knowing I did the best I knew how at the time. I love the process of getting there as much as being there. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! My beliefs create my reality. I create what I want easily + effortlessly. I expect only the best to happen and it does.

ceilingThe bead board ceiling is done! And we love it! It will get painted white to help open the space up.

clean walls with dirtyOn the left... the old moldy walls and carpet ceiling. On the right brand new walls, clean, mold free and primed for painting!

big platform

Cliff put the new bed platform in! Yay!

windows sealed

All the windows were pulled out and sealed! It started raining today and I ran outside to the RV and stood inside inspecting every window. Looks GOOD!

RV Floor

We're doing pebbles in the bathroom Zen Fiji Cream Pebbles by Bliss ordered from a local flooring store. Cork flooring for the rest of the RV in Sage ordered from our local Lowe's.

The pebbles are very similar to ones we used in the yoga studio project when building Breathe in Los Gatos. I love them and Cliff totally loves them so we're using them in our bathroom. I believe that we carry all our past experiences with us, that they mold and shape who we are now. It makes me smile that this RV is going to have literal reminders of some of the most formative pieces of our journey. Besides that they give you a little foot massage and that's awesome!

Since we are a smart car + RV household we drove the RV to IKEA last Sunday to get the new counter top! Ikea butcher block. Inexpensive. Awesome. We also got a faucet to go with on the new (to us) bathroom sink that we purchased at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore. Love that place. We will definitely be going back there before this is all said and done.


We bought the white sink in the basket for $10 for the kitchen at Habitat. It's a heavy old cast iron Kohler. I was thinking we'd get it resurfaced to fix the chips until we realized it costs as much to resurface a sink as it does to buy a new one. Whoopsie. So now we have a beautiful old sink that might look lovely in someone's garden! It you want it, stop on by! It's yours!

Bathroom Sink

This will be our bathroom sink. It's a hair dresser wash basin! Fun, right!

Up next:

  • Cabinet people will be out tomorrow morning to start work on changing out the water damage and rotted pieces of wood on the backs of all the cabinets that Cliff and Cody took out.
  • The painter comes out Friday to give us a quote.
  • The floors come in Monday (fingers crossed).
  • If all goes to plan we will drop off the RV to have it all put back together starting Tuesday. Cabinets in, install kitchen counter top, 2 burner stove, both sinks + faucets, the bathroom floor, kitchen backslash (hopefully).
  • And then... wouldn't it be cool if we could have it back by the 27th or 28th to move in over the weekend!
  • Ooooh and then we have to actually find a place to park our new mobile abode. We drove by a few places in our area that were very sad. Basically just patches of cleared land with dirt and full sun and skinny, stray dogs wondering around. Sad. If you know anyone with a beautiful spot of land near Humble, Texas that we could park on for a bit that would be oh so wonderful!

Please hold the 27th in mind! That it all works out with so much ease and we're drinking wine and scratching our heads over where to put the rest of my clothes by the 28th!

Getting there, Lacy

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