Something is happening.

bathroom rv before

We're playing.Wresting. Laughing more. I'm humming and dancing and speaking in accents (I do a mean Texan accent, naturally. Decent British, though my English friends may heartily disagree. Working on Irish and it be super cool to be able to do an Australian accent).

Cliff says... "I can already tell you're happier." I watched him drive our mega beast of a land yacht home with this amazing grin on his face. He's happier too. They advertised it at 36 feet and that would have fit into the driveway perfectly. We learned when we got it home that it is 40 feet! We're calling them bonus inches.

Thing is, life isn't getting any easier. We've just changed our perspective. We're in hot pursuit of a dream! If anything there's WAY more going on and lots more uncertainty. We have a month to renovate and move into our new RV before our lease is up at the end of June. We are still going to work everyday. The garage is full of post sale leftovers and every room in the house is strewn with remnants of what used to be a thoughtfully decorated home.

We're both a few pounds heavier from buying groceries and then eating out anyway. We're observing it happening without judgement and with a tremendous sense of humor. At the end of the week if something didn't get eaten I make a HUGE batch of juice. It ensures we're still eating what we're buying, it's not going to waste and a few of our favorite healthy routines are still in place. Smoothies + juices are mainstays in this house. We love our liquids. Of course it's always best to juice fruits and veggies when they are fresh but I'm here to tell you... permission granted to do the best you can in the moment you're in. It's all ok. Bendy celery and all.

RV before

Check it out. Our RV came with a kitty! It was a surprise. We cracked up laughing when we first saw it. My friend Chanel says we should call her Barb, short for Rhubarb. I laugh every time I think of it so Barb may stick! I'm also totally loving Dolores. Sweet ole Barb or Dolores will be back there cheering us on as we make these giant leaps forward.

Something else is happening that's pretty monumental. I'm opening up to receiving in really big soul shifting ways. We both are. We are inviting people to help us make this dream come true with any form of energy they wish to contribute... time, money, well wishes, recommendations on amazing places to see or driveways we can park in! We are sharing our hopes + dreams in a really public way. It feels vulnerable and hopeful, sometimes really good and others pretty raw. The virtual hugs + applause have been pretty amazing thus far. So many sweet emails and notes and Facebook messages. Thank you for all you're doing for us. Thank you for how you're showing up and shaping lives. Thank you for following along on the journey! We appreciate you. I appreciate you. BIG TIME.

Time feels like it's being suspended over here. We're moving quickly. We picked up our new (to us) RV on Wednesday. I glazed over as they were telling us how to operate all the systems. Cliff caught most of it. There's a learning curve for sure! We still can't figure out how to make the water pump work or how to get the awning to unroll. Anyone have tips? We'll take em!

We ended up spending our first night in a Wal Mart Parking lot due to a blown fuze + no headlights. Yeap. First night at Wal Mart. We brought her home Thursday. Demo is happening. Mom + I are peeling and peeling and more peeling of old wall paper. It's pretty grody under there. We're finding the dreaded for letter word MOLD. And it smells like you think... musty. It poured yesterday which was a gift. Now we know what windows need attention. Whew.... it's all one big adventure and I'm learning that adventure really means advanced troubleshooting.peeling paper

When Cliff gets home from work tonight we will take out the microwave + the couch. I have a paint quote coming soon from our neighbor who happens to be a painter! And my dear friend and interior designer, Jamie House, will be coming over this weekend to help with design decisions + source folks to work with around town!

irish. single. ready to mingle.

The previous owner of the RV was clearly Irish, single + ready to mingle. So funny. He also kept impeccable records which we are super grateful for! She's got good bones and has been well cared for where systems are concerned. Looks like she may need a little brake work so if you know any diesel mechanics in the Houston area we could use a good one!

Off to do some more peeling! Calling it my motorhome meditation. Lacy

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