The Pro's + Con's of RV Living


We've enjoyed some really lovely coverage (thank you all so much) of our RV make over lately from the Today Show, Country Living and Design Sponge. It feels like now is the perfect time to share some Pro's and Con's of our experience so far.

simple pleasuresTogetherness + simple pleasures = RV living.


- We've been living in our RV for nine and a half months now. We've finally stopped saying "we sold it in the garage sale" or "I think we gave that away" when trying to find something. It was a running joke early on but now makes me feel so good in knowing we truly have everything we need.

- We recently did a clean sweep and got rid of anything that we haven't touched or used since July 1, 2014. Hard to believe but we are even lighter now than when we moved in. Buh-bye hand mixer and baking sheets!

nature mandala

- This country is incredible and I've never loved nature more. We are spending so much time outdoors. Everything about that feels right. I've started making nature mandalas as a ritual. It reminds me of my time in Bali and it takes me back to memories of making flower soup and mud pies as a kid. I don't think I would have done that if we were still living in a traditional house.

- Practically speaking the fridge is not that small, the shower is plenty roomy, we are always home wherever we go and we never have to stop to pee!

salads for dinner a lot lately

- We eat together more, mostly prepare meals at home and togetherness is sort of our middle names now. Ned is always with us and he totally owns the place (as you can tell he is in most of our photos).

He's so comfy when we are parked.

- We look forward to getting on the road as much as we do sitting still. Ned prefers the sitting still parts.


- Anytime Cliff walks towards the cockpit or turns on the motor Ned dives under the couch. He has a really safe and comfy spot under there that we've created for him but he still gets nervous when we are on the road.

- The water is my happy place and I get exactly 8 minutes of hot water per shower. EIGHT. And that's an improvement thanks to an oxygenating shower head. It's not all bad though, when we visit new cities we go in search of Hot Springs (Ojo Calente is still our favorite).

- Cliff says if he bangs his head one more time on the low hanging cabinets the damage may become permanent. I have managed to stop laughing when it happens.

- Me time. What is that?

- The necessary evils of cleaning the composting toilet and defrosting the fridge and freezer got old fast. I currently have a bag of berries being held hostage by a giant chunk of ice that has covered the freezer opening.

- Internet connection has been an effort. I'm using my phone as a hot spot because once again we've gone over on our Jet Pack gigs. It's like the early days of cell phones when you could go over on minutes and then you'd get a surprise bill that made your stomach drop. Let's just say I could have bought an entire new capsule wardrobe for spring on what I spent paying for overage charges. All for binge watching season 1 of Outlander.

tahoe easter 2015Lake Tahoe, Easter Sunday

Thanks for all your love and sweet words about the renovation and this life we've chosen. I hope that you read something here that inspires you. One of the things I'm learning over and over through this experience is that you really can have whatever you want and it's grounds for celebration to change your mind, make a U turn or go the other way. We do that a lot!

With love, Lacy (and Cliff and Ned)

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