We've found THE ONE!

We've Found The One!

Earlier this week I swore off looking at motor homes after some very good advice from my sister, "L-a-c-y, STOP looking until it feels fun again!" I've been searching Craigslist + RV sites daily for months looking for THE ONE and it had gotten exhausting. I took her advice and the advice from her daily TUT message that she forwarded to me... "Kayla, you aren't in time and space to hit home runs. Couldn't even if you wanted to. Can't be done. The logistics are impossible. And besides, the pressure from trying would overwhelm the hardiest of souls.

Home runs are what I do. You just pitch.

You want a new job, pitch it to me. You want more friends, pitch it to me. You want to lose weight, improve relationships, or strike it rich, pitch it to me.

There's nothing you can throw that I can't hit clear out of the park.

Tallyho, The Universe"

I had a solid conversation with the Universe and ordered up a home run. I pitched our RV over + knew that when it felt right again I'd resume the search! It happened last night! It was 8pm, I was waiting for Cliff to get home from work. My work day was done. I was just about to leave my office and I thought... hmmmm think I'll do a few searches. I called a few numbers and talked to what felt like the exact same guy each time. It's the first time I've called so many of the phone numbers instead of just sending an inquiry email. I was too busy having fun recalling the conversations I'd just had about the importance of a diesel pusher vs puller, the pro's + con's of washer/ dryer combos, of donuts + energy drinks + friends named Bud that I forgot to put in my usual strict parameters on the search. And that's when it happened.

I saw this title:

***CLEAN 1994 36ft Safari Continental Diesel pusher!

And so I clicked and called and talked to a fella named Rob who confirmed it was not a Craigslist scam but an actual RV for actual sale outside of Ft. Worth. It had been listed for 6 hours and the moment I saw it I knew IT WAS THE ONE! I called Cliff 3 times... 'Geeeeet HOME! I've found it! I've FOUND IT!' I called my mom + my sister and we poured over every image. Over the potential in this baby!

Kale On Wheels Before Cliff loves that the door is mid way down instead of right at the passenger seat. I see a wrap job in our future! I mean gold + blue + brown is spunky and all but we don't own matching velour track suits. It's gotta look like the Kale On Wheels mobile, right?! We will be taking name suggestions for the coach! Not sure if it's a lady coach or a dude yet. Time will tell.

Kale On Wheels Cockpit Before

Leather seats a plus, those will stay.

Kale One Wheels Kitchen/ Living Before

Potential central! Think painted cabinets, new cover for the sofa (it's a creamy brocade fabric now). The table + chairs will go as will that leather recliner and not exactly sure what's going on next to it... some kind of table and lamp that will likely go. The light fixture will GO (it's yours if you want it).

Kale On Wheels Living Before

I love the double fridge!

Kale On Wheels Kitchen Before

I want to put in a new counter top + tile back splash. LOVE how much counter space there is. New hardware on the cabinets -  a must. Maybe a new sink. The microwave/ convection oven will come out. No death boxes will be permitted on the Kale On Wheels Mobile Abode ; ) The washer/ dryer combo lives under those two burners in the cabinet.

Kale On Wheel Hallways Before

The vanity will become a desk! Yay for dedicated workspace!

Kale On Wheels Bathroom Before

I know it doesn't look like much but this is among the biggest RV bathrooms I've seen in our price range. The toilet will come out and we'll be getting a composting toilet.

Kale One Wheels Bedroom Before

Not sure if we will be able to fit our Cal King mattress in here but it looks like a definite maybe! The box tv will come out.

Kale On Wheels Bedroom View Before

It has everything we wanted (except an oven but that's o.k. I want to get a Sun Oven!). It has air brakes and a Magnum chassis to boot! Honestly, I don't know what a magnum chassis means but my dirty mind always says anything named magnum is a good thing.

We leave for vacation on Sunday morning so this morning we put down a deposit and we will go pick it up when we get back! Which also means plenty of time to finish selling our belongings to get the money to pay for our new home. Like I said in my first post, this whole experience is an exercise in trust! We're following what feels good in our bodies, in our hearts at every turn and this feels SO GOOD!

The timing of it all is nothing short of divine. After all the morning phone calls, back and forth questions and what if's, sending our information and getting the confirmation that we're all squared away, Cliff and I sat down to eat breakfast. I say, "OK so we will go and pick it up on the 28th!" He looks at me and his eyes well up, "That's dad's birthday." Tears + laughter. Of course it's his dad's birthday! He passed away two years ago and we've felt his love + guidance showing up for us in undeniable ways through this process. Another high five moment.

So here we go! We are selling, selling, selling our belongings. We are having an epic garage sale on the 24th of May and on the 28th we will bring our new home home. Wait? You know what I mean!

It's all happening! IT'S ALL HAPPENING! Lacy