Give yourself permission.


I give my clients permission all the time. To try a new food, to get rid of clothes that are too big or too small, to just feel what they're feeling. Sometimes I forget to give myself permission to do what it is that I need. I was a total grump early this week. My home office, where I spend most of my time, has accumulated clutter + my whim at cleaning out the closet just left piles everywhere. My outside environment was starting to make me feel chaotic inside. It was a subtle shift of having a permission granting conversation with myself that changed everything. It went a little something like--- "Hey I'd love to go swimming, could we drop everything for 30 minutes and swim laps? TOTALLY!" I literally grumbled all the way to the gym, all the way to the pool but once I got in the water I was a new person. It was comical but so simple.

Since then I've been taking note of the permissions that I've given out to myself + to others. I hope there's something in the list that will resonate with you!

give yourself permission to try green smoothies + fall madly in love with the way they make you feel! to like who you're becoming. she's the real deal!

give yourself permission to use NO as a complete sentence. to put self care at the top of your list. Promise it will keep you sane + maybe even set you free.

give yourself permission to break up with dieting forever + keep it simple when it comes to food. Just eat real food. to drink more water, it really is powerful + your skin looks best when it's glowing!

Remember everything in moderation except love + green veggies. Take a double helping of both.

With love + permission to do what makes you feel most like yourself! Lacy