I never thought I'd say this.

running lacy

It's a Sunday afternoon in July. We're all sweaty, red faced + breathing hard. I am feeling completely satisfied with myself. It's NOT what you think. For the first time in who knows how long I've just been running! It's nearly a month later and I am still in love!

post run shinepost run shine

THIS BOOK has changed our life. Literally. It completely transformed the way I think + feel about running. It completely changed the way that I run.

I've got long legs, I was always taught to spread out my stride and really cover ground. I was taught to inhale for three counts and exhale for three counts. To pump my arms hard and roll heel to toe through each step. That made running really hard which lead to my STRONG dislike of distance running.

In middle school I ran track because they made me. I was decent at hurdles, extremely mediocre at the mile relay and made a strong effort on high jump. In high school I was in drill team and only ran when I was told that I must (seeing a theme here?). Those glorious high school runs usually ended with dry heaving on the side of the track feeling angry, depleted and broken. I remember getting A LOT of shin splints. In college I did the Body For Life challenge a good half dozen times. I was always working towards the perfect swim suit body, it was all about results in those days. I wasn't concerned about health or well-being. I was willing to suffer for a flat stomach, toned arms and strong legs. I made suffering an art form. Running was necessary for getting the results the challenge promised and so I ran and loathed every step (I got the promised results about 3x). Running has NEVER brought me joy... until now.

we ARE runners!

I started Born to Run when I was in Hawaii. I got a few chapters in and put it down. I was enjoying it, intrigued by it but it wasn't resonating for me. I was in the midst of profound life change and had other work to do. Reminds me there's a season for everything. For some reason that Cliff and I still don't recall (feels divine) the book found it's way from me to him. He devoured every page and immediately started running.

I didn't notice for a while because he's always loved running. It was normal for him to go for a jog. What struck me as completely crazy was that he was getting up at the crack of dawn to go run before work and coming home FULL OF JOY. Every. Single. Day. I noticed that he stopped stretching before his runs. He'd just take off and GO. I noticed that his words changed. There was no more talk of "I need to run." All of a sudden he was saying "I can't wait to run." He got serious about chia seeds (ahem, which I had been telling him about forever). He drank noticeably more water. He bought new running shorts and got online to look for nearby trails. He came home with red feet from running barefoot on the track. I noticed but stayed solid on the fact that running was not my thing. Nope. Not for me. I don't run. I swim. I do yoga. I walk. I hike. I bike. I DON'T RUN.

mom runningFair warning... it's contagious! My mom is running now too!

And then one day something happened. I had a hard day. A really hard day. I knew that I needed to change something in my life and that soft, still voice inside was saying 'Move your beautiful body baby, get out there and GO! RUN!' And so I did. Right then. I already had the shoes. I've been wearing Vibrams for years now for walking, hiking, weight lifting but never running, because you know... I don't run. But that day in July I did. As I ran I remembered everything Cliff said about the book. Run on your toes not your heels, focusing on the outer ball of your foot, spread out your toes, run lightly as if sneaking up on Ned, arms relaxed in motion of the run, keep your spine straight and your head looking forward. TAKE SMALL STEPS. Breathe, relax, take in the sights and sounds around you.

Those first few runs all I could focus on was breathing and taking one step at a time and trying not to bounce. After that I was able to engage my core and check in with my body. Now I can actually look around and take in the colors of the sky, the grass. I listen to Pandora and sing along. I never thought I'd say this but I LOVE RUNNING!

This video helped me tremendously!

Go move your beautiful body! You'll be so glad you did! Love, Lacy

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