I see you. Keep going.

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This week was joyous.rough.profound. It was really, really--- real. We are all at different places in our journey, yet from time-to-time we align in this moment of WILL IT GET BETTER? Yes! THEN--- WHEN WILL IT? I hear it from my clients, I see it in my own life. There seems to be this singular thread... an unavoidable combination of days, moments or even seconds of feeling utterly alone. Sure you know there are people who love you and have your back. I bet you can list 3 right now (yes, your pet counts)... but there are those times, those quiet moments of wondering just feeling like... you're standing there naked and so very alone. I heard it in so many versions this week. And so, as I sit here wrapping up the week, eyeballing the stacks of papers on my desk I can't help but think of each of my clients. As a true procrastinator of clearing piles and also a joyous permission giver for following my inspiration here I am with fingers to keys. This is for all of you (and for me.)

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Hey beautiful girl!

I see you there. I see you drinking your green juice, chopping your veggies and moving your body. I see you standing in the mirror wondering why you still look like you did yesterday. I see you trying on your clothes and shrugging your shoulders with a sigh. I see you trying desperately to say "I accept you exactly as you are right now" and actually mean it.

I see you.

I have a secret for you. Lean in! You don't look anything like you did yesterday. Today, I find you more luminous than all the yesterdays combined. Keep talking to that brave girl in the mirror! There's a softness in her that is so inspired by what tomorrow brings. There's courage in her that is consciously choosing healing in every waking breath. Don't worry so much about what comes next. You're doing the work, you've placed your order with the Universe and it's conspiring in your favor!

So... yes, it's still ok to feel your feelings. Be bummed if you need to be bummed. Watch a sad movie if you need to help the tears find their way out (Steel Magnolias is a personal favorite). But then instead of going into some old way of soothing that would involve pizza and brownies (or whatever it is for you) go forward to your healthy habits. Go for a bike ride. Blend up a smoothie. Pick rosemary from the garden to put into your water. Rub lotion on your feet and bless them for carrying you around all day. Touch your face the way you would a new baby.

I see you. I've got your back and you've still totally got this. Keep going.

With love + so much belief in you, Lacy

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Good things around the corner:

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The next group coaching session begins Nov 11. The groups are small, intimate, supportive and meaningful. Pure loving nourishment to help you change your relationship with food for the better. More info + register here.