I'm moved by

reading this

This line has stayed with me, "Compassion grows best, it appears, in the soft spots beneath quiet surrender."

Today was a wonderfully full day!  I am a part of a new yoga studio called Breathe and we are nearing our opening date on January 1. Today I met with our front desk staff and we laid the foundation for working together and serving this community.

We agreed to be lead by 5 principles...

1. practice compassion
2. speak your truth
3. don't steal
4. practice observing and managing right energy
5. practice gratitude

It's all coming together and so exciting!  Aaaand I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my lacylike labels so that I can get all my goodies up in the store!  They were supposed to arrive today but didn't (booo).

I hope your Monday was terrific!  See you tomorrow!