Moved by words.

Lisa and I are gearing up for our next Group Health Coaching session beginning Jan 11.  We'd love for you to join us!  The responses from our first group have been outstanding and totally affirming.  Lives are changing, women are stopping yo-yo dieting after 20,30,40 years.  They're gaining control, finding their voice, losing weight and falling madly, deeply in love with greens!  If you're looking for a change, transformation, space for possibility we invite you to join us! 

You can sign up/ pay with the button on the left in the side bar. :) Or as always email me for inquiries.

I've been working on building my Moved By Words facebook album  and thought I'd share some of my new favorites with you!  And BIG OLE thanks to Texture Junkie for the gold mine of lovely submissions!  THANK YOU, friend!

If you have photos you'd like to submit to the Moved By Words album I'd love to receive them!  I'll credit you in submission.  Fun, huh!
I hope today finds you Moved in a very beautiful way!
Lots of love