Oprah's Lifeclass

oprahs lifeclass

As Oprah walked out on stage the crowd erupted as I expected. What I didn't expect was the tremendous wave of energy and emotion that rushed over me. As 2,500 people stood and cheered I started to tear up. There was so much genuine love and excitement. We were all standing as one in celebration, we were all present in. that. moment.  I felt like I was cheering not for Oprah the celebrity but for Oprah the authentic women who has dared to be completely herself. For the woman who's authenticity has inspired us all to be more ourselves each day. Armed with my moleskin and pen I set to work. I'm a copious note taker, always have been. Joel Osteen as guest through two show tapings and seven pages later here are my favorite points. Unless otherwise noted all below are from Oprah and/or Joel Osteen.

  • What follows I AM ____ will come looking for you! If you say I AM FAT you will be FAT. So choose your words wisely because they create your future.  You become what you believe. Oprah talked about for years that she said she was FAT and she kept getting fatter and now she says, I am getting healthier everyday!
  • Set your tone in a positive direction each and every day. Oprah said each morning when she wakes up she says "thank you."
  • THIS ONE IS BIG!  Sometimes doors close because you are NOT dreaming big enough! Did you hear that!?
  • How can you dream big and pray bold?
  • As long as you have breath there is someone out there who needs what you have.
  • Comparing ourselves to others is an act of violence! - Iyanla Vanzant
  • What does your inside desire say? You don't have to know what's next, or understand the desire. All you have to do is LISTEN to it!
  • There is no sin in failing, the sin is in NOT trying. -Paula Dean
  • Never, ever speak a negative word about yourself because (once again) your words are creating your future! The words from your mouth go to your ears and shape your self confidence!
  • People suffer when they pursue a dream that does not belong to them. -Carolyn Myss
  • Instead of looking at how far you have to go, look back and thank God/Universe, whatever you believe in for how far you've come.
  • The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are. -Joseph Campbell
  • You have to reach your closed doors before you come to your open doors!
  • If you don't talk to yourself, yourself will talk to you! (ie. if you don't fill your mind with positive, the ego will fill it with negative)

The following are my personal notes...

Joel said... what is your hearts dream?

And without thinking I wrote down- To change the health of this nation. When you change your health everything is possible. Everything lightens. You clear internal house and give peace a chance. And being at peace is true power.

As soon as my pen lifted the EGO was like WOAH Lacy that's pretty big, you sure about that? And instead of letting the ego talk, I talked. It's no mistake that I now live in THE FATTEST state in this country. Everything that has happened in my life to this point has happened for me and I see it now so clearly. Every perceived hardship or wrong was a crash course in life. It was all leading me right to what I'd asked for so long ago as a young child. My desires are still the same as they were when I was a kid...to inspire and empower.

Food is my vehicle. It's so unlikely because I never really liked to cook and eating good food sort of requires at some point you start cooking (at least a little). I was a microwave kind of girl and now I don't own a microwave (and don't miss having one). I was the ultimate candy loving, junk food junkie. I was a d d i c t e d to highly processed foods for years and now eating processed foods makes me feel sick and G R O S E.

I AM a powerful advocate for whole foods!

I AM the perfect person to share the message of changing your life through healthy eating... because I've been there. Because I make it easy, accessible and fun! Because I understand that it's more than just peas and carrots....It's more than what you eat, it's how and why and when and the inner work too.  It's finding that space of love, forgiveness, of balance and affirmation.  And so I go on a journey with each client...where they promise to be completely open and honest, I promise to do the same and to show up for them and hold them in a safe space.

As I sit here in my office I can't help but feeling like It's no accident that I'm sharing this on my blog--- that is about being authentically and unapologetically ME...lacylike.  If we could all just be ourselves how powerful that would be? Oprah talked about how she tried to be Barbara Walters when she first stared out in television and how she realized that Barbara already had being Barbara down so she might as well figure out who Oprah was and just be that. What we could create together if we stopped trying to be the next so-and-so? Be the next you, the only you!

So to answer the most popular question I've heard in the last few days... HOW WAS OPRAH?  It was amazing, transformational and nothing short of pure inspiration.

Happy to be me, right here, right now. Lacy


p.s. !!! A very special thank you to my Aunt Mary who won the Oprah Lottery and asked me to be her plus 1!!!

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