That Little Voice

Who is that little bugger in your head?  You know who I’m talking about.  The little guy who tells you you’re not talented.  The bastard who spits in your face and reminds you that you’ll never make anything of yourself.  Some other person has done what you want to do and they did it better.  Surely if you put yourself out there people will think you suck.  Whoever or whatever that voice is politely tell them to go away.  You’ve no time for them anymore.  You’re too busy making big things happen.  Too much time is needed to feel happy and energetic.  Life has gotten far too jam-packed with blessings.  You just can’t find the time to listen to his ranting and raving now or probably ever again.  Once he gets the message go out there and be you.  After all, you deserve it.

- David Futernick