The power of a name!

money change

image source I've been in a huge organization mode lately. We cleaned out + organized the garage and it's stayed that way! Same story with my studio closet. In fact I've been so happy with my handy-work I kept the door open all last week so that I could admire all the organized bliss! Staring into that closet all week I wondered what I'd be inspired to clean out next.

When the answer arrived it washed over me and I was giggly at the thought. BILLS! I will organize the bills. We're in a BIG year of debt payoff. We've made so much progress and we're committed to keeping it going! This move to Texas has allowed us to get really honest about our finances, live within our means and pay off old debts that are no longer serving us.

What needed to be cleared out where the bills were concerned was my feelings about them! For example: Cliff had to have dental surgery earlier this year and I have been so aggravated paying that bill. It was unexpected, it was expensive and frankly it interrupted my plans for paying other things off.

I want my feelings around money and our bills to be one of joy! Serious JOY!

I've seen the power of energy in my life over and over again. When I stay in a good feeling place things flow easily + effortlessly, I'm happier + more creative. When I start getting bogged down and frustrated things get clunky + hard, I feel sad + lost.

Thanks to a pod cast I heard by Bari Tessler (OMG I think I am in love, she's such a kind, gentle soul) Cliff and I sat down with our bills and decided to rename We were inspired by Bari to give them names that elicit a feel-good-feeling. Names that remind us what we receive from that service that we most enjoy. That dental surgery bill is now called Pearly Whites! When I pay it I will think of Cliff's smile and the way I feel when I see it. I LOVE that smile and of course I want him + his mouth to be completely healthy. WOW- that feels so much lighter!

The cable bill makes me think of sitting on the couch and spending time talking with Cliff. Every night when he comes home from work I have candles burning and the Soundscapes channel on the tv (it's soothy music). We sit and talk about our days and drink hot tea or red wine. It's one of my favorite rituals that we have together and so I'm completely happy to pay for "couch time" each month when that bill arrives!

Here are a few of our other bills and our new names for them! I hope you'll be inspired to start re-naming your bills! Imagine what we could create if we all lived from joy and blessed the people + companies who provide us the comforts that we so love. Think about it next time you click the pay button or seal the envelope!

lacy-young-renamed-bills Does this get you excited? Will you work on re-naming your bills? I hope so! I'd love to hear what you're calling them after this exercise!

Wishing you abundance of money! Abundance of joy! Lacy