The power of words. Use them for good.

 On Tuesday we had our last Women, Food... Discussion Group meeting.  At the end one of the girls who I just really adore hugged me and said something that people say all the time but how she said it as she was hugging me went right to my heart.

"Lacy, I am so glad I met you."  

She meant it and right there it started to heal a little piece of me.  Feeling her sincerity and love was so powerful.  It was reinforcement on so many levels... that we did a good thing by starting that group.  That we changed each other in the best of ways, that listening is a powerful tool for good and that she felt loved by me too.

Ever since I've been thinking about how we use our words, even the simple ones and what an impact they can have on someone.  One moment can destroy or mend a heart.

Choose the kinds words.  Speak them sincerely.  Love well.  It's always worth it. 

p.s. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary!  Thank you for giving me a lifetime of loving words.  I am so grateful for the way you love me and have always looked out for me. I hope you've felt overwhelmed with love today.