Truth in the balance.


I am a nurturer. Through and through. I've made nurturing into a career. Some by (what I thought was) happy accident, some by clear intention. It looks and feels different from day-to-day but it's always there in some form. One of my recurring affirmations has been 'I nurture others with plenty of room to nurture myself.' It's about that place of balance. It's about being right where I am and knowing that no matter what the circumstance in this moment I've got plenty of room for myself or for the project or person that I'm holding close. This feels like a conversation to me. It feels worthy of sharing because we are all busy, we are all holding a lot, we are all in the midst of the balancing act that is life. Just say that to yourself... 'there's plenty of room.' Doesn't that feel expansive and good?! It always makes me feel like OH -- that's right PLENTY of room! It's just a gigantic loving reminder of---Ok, I have totally got this. And wherever you are today, you've totally go this too!

To our little reminders + the power they hold, Lacy

p.s. Thank you for your love and your texts and your emails and your FB messages about my last post. Huge love. Huge deep breaths of gratitude. Even just writing the post, sharing it, going back into those moments added another layer of healing.