I did it! I had an orgasm! MY FIRST EVER AND IT WAS EVERYTHING YOU SAID! I can't even begin to thank you for how amazing I feel. My girlfriend was in tears after. I was laughing hysterically. This is working! THIS ENTIRE PROCESS IS WORKING!



p.s. I can't have too many, right?


OH MY GAWD you just made my entire day. I'm laughing through tears reading your email and feeling both you and J through it. I can just image the electricity in the room! Congratulations sweet girl! This feeling is your birth right. Memorize it. Swim in it until your fingers are all pruny with the goodness of this moment. 

Can you have too many? Great question! The answer for you in this moment is no way, have at it! Honor your body at every turn and continue to explore with detached curiosity. Now that you've had one don't make it the goal every single time, stay present and ride the waves of sensation.

Look up the Sanskrit word Ojas. It's the nectar of life and you want to feed, preserve and nurture it. There are cycles for everything and orgasm falls in there too. I'll tell you all about it next time we speak but don't let it worry you at all. It's nothing to fear, it's going to further expand your knowledge of this precious body of yours and how to work with it for your highest good (and maximum pleasure). 

Welcome to life in pure orgasmic waves and shouts of color!

So happy for you,