12 Days Of Christmas Guest Blog: Photography

Tomorrow promises to be completely crazy so here's my Tuesday entry on Monday night!
It's a good one!

My guest blogger today is Kelli. You've seen part of her before here. : ) She is an amazing photographer and a completely lovely kindhearted woman. Her photographs truly capture moments and inspire me to take better pictures. I love this post... it is attainable and encouraging.
As always if you have a question for Kelli please leave it in the comments with your email.
Get your cameras out and get to snapping!
xo Lacy
The following is a scattering of one mom’s thoughts on taking better photos of your family this holiday season. I have had a lot of fun taking pictures for friends and family recently. So, feeling inspired one afternoon this week, I took my own kids outside for a few snapshots. They didn’t really catch my vision that day but that brings me to my first tip…
***Let kids be kids. Follow them. Take as many shots as you possibly can. I can’t stress this one enough – don’t wait for the perfect moment or for someone to actually look at you when you ask -just keep shooting! This is the beauty of digital (you can delete later) but I guarantee, the more photos you take the better your chances of catching something you will love to see in your scrapbook later…
***When it comes to those “look at the camera and smile” pictures, try to avoid the words "Say Cheese!" I know I’m guilty of it, but have you ever seen a child who didn’t squint his eyes, look up at the ceiling and roll his head obnoxiously while saying cheese to a camera? Even some adults will react to you with, well, cheesiness.
If you want your subjects looking at the camera for a shot, say something or ask a question that makes them smile and interact with you naturally, then shoot away. Better yet, when they are being less-than cooperative with you, see if they will at least interact sweetly with each other…
To recap: Let the kids do their thing and photograph it -easy enough. Don’t “say cheese” -got it. Wow, this is so simple! You can do this! I hope my very non-technical advice is actually helpful. If so, I’d love to hear about it and see your photos. By the way, I bet Lacy has some great ideas for preserving those memories in an adorable keepsake album. Happy picture taking during your happy holidays!