A Giveaway and A Good Story.

This story is a good one. It's a real one. It's a story about love and growing up to become who I am meant to be. I was in the thick of getting divorced and I sent an email out through the universe to a total stranger, Leigh of Curly Girl Design. I had no idea it would lead to a whole string of amazing events, true life twists and turns and a beautiful friendship.

I was 15 years old when I fell in love with Greg. I was a Sophomore in high school and he was a much older Junior. We met in French class. He sat in the front row and knew all the right answers and I sat in the back with my girl friends and was more consumed with giggling about Greg than learning verbs.

Well I certainly look busy in this picture (I'm the one looking down).
Greg is front and center and you may recognize Kristin and Katy in there too.

He noticed me too. A hundred butterflies set up camp in my belly and our journey began as we decided to "go together." We grew in love and we grew up. 5 years and some months later we married in our hometown church and appropriately honeymooned in Paris. It was magical.

After 12 years together we decided to divorce. I don't think that anyone ever gets married expecting to get divorced but this was not supposed to be us. We grew up together and then apart so much so that we no longer shared the same dreams and goals and we were holding each other back. We both knew that to become who we were meant to be we needed to continue on without each other. With much sadness we made the hard decision and dreaded telling our family and friends.

So I sent an email to Leigh. I'd first seen her work at the Yoga Journal conference and the spirit of it resonated so profoundly in me. It was sparkly and shiny and full of love and whimsy (still is). Every piece I saw I said to myself, "yes, that is so true, omg! yes, so right, who is this girl, we could totally be friends!" I wanted something to tell my people that it was going to be ok, that I was going to be ok, that the spirit mends and I was still strong, loving, hopeful, optimistic, silly me just without the & Greg attached.

To my surprise she responded! She very lovingly explained that she didn't do custom work but that she'd keep my story in mind when she went into the studio to create. Almost a month to the day later I opened my email to find MY card!

Sitting in my cubicle of death (corporate America was worse than pants two sizes too small after Thanksgiving dinner for me) I cried. She had nailed it. With grace and love and that Leigh spirit, she had nailed it! I DID have a song in my heart and I HAD remembered the words and I WAS going to be singing again so very soon! With one email my healing was well underway.

I ordered the cards and started writing a letter to go with them. I enclosed the letter in the cards and invited the recipients to pass the card along to another woman who needed to remember the song in her heart.

Today Greg and I are quite grown up and quite in love with other people and all is right in the world.

And that's how I first met the lovely Leigh. The second and third verses of my Leigh story only get better involving Boston, my surgery, my job helping to create Soula, our mutual love and respect for Rolf and Mariam Gates, our Artfest adventure... oh how I could go on and on and I am certain there are many more verses to come.

Chances are you've seen her work, purchased a card or even received one from me. Upon reading just one line it's apparent that the creative behind the design is one amazing women but spend 5 minutes with her and you'll be a fan for life. She's luminous, she's hilarious, she's the kind of friend you've always wanted to have (well she's the kind of friend I've always wanted to have anyway). She loves well, she lives with passion, she laughs every day (just like me) :). She's THE curly girl and I am so proud to say that she's my friend.

Curly girls on the windy beach in Port Townsend

Leigh "ART-ing" on the last night at Artfest

In celebration of great adventures, friendship and laughter here's the giveaway!

Drum roll please... One lucky winner will receive 3 oh-so-adorable cards from Curly Girl Design and one of their brand spanking new necklaces!

To enter please leave a comment here and on the Curly Girl fan page.
Winner will be chosen next Wednesday.

Bonne chance and thank you for being a part of my story!