ARG the post office!

I was so hoping that my client would have received her Lacylike No So Naked Studio Album by today b/c I was going to share it with you but we have both waited all day and no sign of it.

So instead I'll share my sponsor The Zinnia Patch's cute daughter dancing in front of the cute chair she painted and recovered (check out the cute windows too)! If you've not visited her blog yet do, she takes stunning photographs! Lots of cute going on over there.

I've just entered the realm of sponsors as part of my year of FULFILL. Ushering in abundance is on my list of things to do this year (umm yeah like it's just a check box that one day I will get to mark off---but still it is worthy of being written down and I am worthy of receiving, so abundance it is). Anyway after morning buns and good conversation about it at Tartine with Mati and Leigh in SF I decided to take the plunge into sponsorship as part of the mission. It's something I wasn't sure of right away and gave a lot of thought about and what I came up with is this: My intention for this space is to spread love, support, inspiration, goodness, and of course to have a little outlet in the world. I want this place to be about all things good and supporting each other be it in words, well wishes or monetarily's all definitely good. I expect it will grow organically over time. If you'd like any info or are interested in sponsoring email me anytime.

See you in the morning For The Love of Lists!