Does anyone else watch Lie to Me? I am loving the intro song.

While trying to find that song from Lie to Me for a posting that was going to be about things I am loving at the moment I found Ryan Star's myspace and this song/video. I cried. Seems to be a theme with me lately. I can relate to every single one of those people in the video. I didn't get that job, you remember the one I interviewed for 3x. In fact when I got the call the guy said that I was their #1 pick and that the CEO didn't pick any of us and they are starting the search again. Blessing in disguise? Absolutely yes it is. I am not sure why or how at the moment but I know it is.

Leaves you with goosebumps doesn't it.

Sooo my life is going in a new direction and actually even though this post seems a little sad it's actually quite happy (more on that new direction later). I just felt that given the climate of the world and that so so so many of us are struggling financially and in the job search it was more than appropriate.

So- even though I didn't get that job (that I would have rocked at by the way) I am feeling pretty peppy.

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Today is going to be a multi post day so check back later on.
xo Lacy