C'mon in and click a while!

Welcome to a brand new lacylike.com!
You remember my first blog look (by Leigh-Ann)...

and then there was the second (by me)...

and then there was my first website (design by me, logo by my bestie Rachel)

and now with the help of the amazing Leigh-Ann from Freckled Nest and Joe the Pro (I highly recommend them for all your blog makeover needs) we've created a lacylike that encompasses it all in one place. It's lifestyle blog meets craft meets happiness! It's full of hopes and dreams and the ways that I contribute to the world and is the nucleus for everything I love and do. I am so in love with it! I hope that you love it too!

Special thanks to Miss Violet for the beautiful artichoke picture in my banner and to Nadia Nasiri for the shots of Cliff and me doing acro and me jumping and being very lacylike! I did the Ned shot and the jotters : ) and Leigh-Ann is responsible for cropping/ editing them all. :) Yay for giving credit where it's due!

About the banner:
The artichoke is representing healthy eating, health living and my work as a health counselor. It's about feeling your best and living your best life!

The acro pose is all about my love for yoga and spending time with my love, Cliff! Doing acro yoga and combining them both is just THE BEST!

The stack of jotters is about lacylike designs and my creative life and projects.

Me jumping is about me! Fun, energetic, passionate about life, glass half full kinda gal and a hefty dose of moxie (that came from Cliff, he's always saying that I've got moxie).

And of course the Ned! My fur face little love. It's about family and the importance of the details that make life so beautiful!


Thanks LA and Joe! You guys did it again!