Creatives Unite!

When I received the buntings in the mail  (the giveaway is still going on through Thursday) from Tyler they also came with a huge surprise, a handmade album just for me!  I was completely, totally, 100% surprised and delighted!  For as many albums as I make for people I almost never receive one myself and to get one so thoughtfully hand made, hand sewn just made my heart leap.  It's still sitting next to my computer now as I type.  I have made a Sunday date with myself to get in my studio and fill it up with treasures and thoughts about life right now.

It's so encouraging for me to be surrounded by fellow creatives out in the world.  An email here, a little love gift in the mail there... there's this magnificent feeling that comes with knowing you are surrounded by beautiful, powerful women who see your beauty too.  

Look!  Isn't it the cutest!   

Send a little note of love to someone today.  It doesn't have to be a fancy gift in the mail (though those don't hurt).  It could be as simple as a well thought out email or even better a good ole fashioned snail mail card! 

Here's hoping you feel supported and lifted up today,

T H A N K Y O U T Y L E R !