Day with Violet

The day began with teaching Violet one legged yoga! It was awesome, a first for both of us! We did the most invigorating and encouraging yoga practice together and I'm pretty sure she's officially hooked!

If you are not familiar with her story she's a freggin' power house of goodness. The girl has had cancer 4 times and kicked its ass with powerful grace and in the process lost a leg, a lung and a little stomach but what she gained is worth far more. Being near her today has been truly encouraging. There's something about being able to cut through the static noise and go right to the good stuff, the powerful conversations that change you for the better.

We had the most lovely lunch at Aqui!
It seems silly to say nice meeting you even though we just met.

Can't wait for more yoga and time near you Miss Violet!
Thanks for the most marvelous girlie chat, good food, yoga day!