Fellow Creatives!

Last night Cliff and I went over to our friends house for a get together. I met lots of great new people but these two were particularly special.

Have a look!

Maria is here.
Make sure to click Art and look at her amazing work. It is entirely possible you've sent a greeting card that she illustrated! Maria is one of those adorable people that you like instantly (I did). : )

Hannah is here.
Kayla, I am certain that I met Hannah for you! She survived corporate life and one day decided that was it! She always knew that she was a writer (sound familiar?) and she would immediately begin writing! She is now on her 3rd book!

I also think it is super cute that one of her book titles is Lacy Marie Clayborne, Witch cause I'm Lacy and Kayla's middle name is Marie. How's that for fun-Zees! And on top of all that she makes a mean blondie sweet treat!

Maria and Hannah it was lovely to have met you both!