2010 will be better

Is it me or does this year seem like a total bummer? Every time I turn on the TV I am reminded of all the crisis that surrounds us. So of course to escape I do what all people in should do... I virtual (window) shop! LOL

So my friend Jenn had the cutest new teal bag the other day when we went for a little lunchie poo. Side note: Have you noticed that there are a lot of Jennifer's in my life? I have Jen with one N, Jenn with two N's and about 3 other Jenn's that make it into the friend category but not into the blog with as much frequency as Jen - nutritionist and Jenn - esthetician. Today I am speaking of two N Jenn - esthetician. : ) And while I feel that we are NOT defined by what we do for money it is the easiest way to quickly identity which Jennifer I am talking about since they are both brunette and both have the last name initial M. Do you have lots of friends with the same name?

Ok back on task... shopping! Soo check out the bag place it is super fun.

I'd love to have this dress from Banana! So pretty, right! Although from the looks of it on this model it might be a teensy bit too short for my long legs. That's when the go in store and try on becomes a must.

And this dress is on sale at Anthro. It was so so cute on Elise when she wore it for her engagement photos. I of course want it in blue but in the cart yesterday and today it is out of stock. That's what I call meant to be in the land where I won't dare push buy now. The black one is very pretty too though, I can just see it with a cute cardigan and fabulous shoes! And the Flight of the Bees dress has all kinds of great patterns and textures to it.

Happy Friday everyone! I am getting ready to go out for a hike. TGIF TGIF TGIF! It's been a big week for Cliff at work, they have a new boss and all met him yesterday (and it went really well) and he closed out three investigations so that was HUGE (one day I will tell you about what he does... it can be really intense work). I have my 3rd interview with the company to be named later on Tuesday! Thank you ALL so much for your support and well wishes. My little community has shown up for me huge and I appreciate you!

This weekend I am exited to:
-See Kallie and Emily
-Work on Happy Mail love gifts for some friends and simultaneously clean my studio! Just wait til you see the photo shoot pictures of my studio. SOOOO freggin messy but as uncomfortable as the mess made me it also made me smile b/c it's a true picture of what my studio often looks like.
-Hopefully finish laundry although that might interfere with the reeeeelaxing ; )

Whatcha doing this weekend?