The new Clifftech Logo! Weeee LOVE IT!

If you don't know already here's the skinny.
My man invented a new cervical spine strap, we had it patented and now we are getting ready to go to our 1st trade show next week in Atlanta, the EMS Expo.

SUPER excited!

In this financially strapped time (haha pun intended) it's taken the support of my AMAZING family to get ready for this event and we are ever so thankful! If you want to help out we'd be beyond delighted and I will mail you a lacylike jotter and also publish an ad for you on my blog and the Clifftech blog for one month (if you like) as thanks.

I wouldn't normally ask for money in fact I NEVER do it but:

I believe in this product and how it will help to save lives. It is seriously the best strap we've tested to date and we've tested as many as we can get our hands on (which is a LOT). Oh and there's that little added tid bit that Cliff has had over 16 years experience as a paramedic tying people to backboards and using various types of straps.

I believe in dreaming (BIG TIME) and this idea turned prototype turned U.S. patent pending product is a dream come true for Cliff and for me.

I believe that great things can be accomplished through the might of community.

And because one day when Clifftech "makes it" in the world we have already made plans and have lists of the good we will do by giving back... US parks service, animal rights and rescue, protection of endangered species (plants and animals), we dream of sponsoring another maritime institution to protect sea life, we want to support other inventors and start a fund for those who were saved by using our straps but can not afford to pay their medical bills.

Oh and if you think that you have big hips...
well just let us strap you to a back board and it will give a whole new life to those babies!

Have a strappy Tuesday!

p.s. If you can't donate funds would you please donate a little whisper out into the universe (or pray or chant or dance or sing or just do what you do) rooting for us and this trade show and the future of Clifftech?
That would be equally magnificent in my mind.
Hey thanks! If I were there I'd hug ya and then zerbert ya right on the face!